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All musical instruments do have their good and their bad days. Seemingly unexplainable, they behave unstable in attack, tune and the actual quality of the sound. This physical phenomena show the complex context between the tension of a swinging system and its very deadening. <

At all times instrument builders made sensitive progress with all of their experience in the choice of materials and their craftsmanship (also in relation to the inner deadening). Only a brilliant built instrument fulfils the conditions towards an excellent sound.

Every musician knows, that playing his instrument correctly, it increases the actual sound characteristics in a positive sense, but as we know, only in a very time consuming way and still with limited success. As soon as the instrument doesn’t get played or it needs repair, it looses all of that hardly achieved character again.

Since the work out of the “sound optimization process” it is now possible, to de-dampen, technically precise, up to its very mechanical acoustic final condition, no matter how old the instrument is or how often it had been played before.

All string or keyboard instruments, wood or brass or percussions can be sound optimized. Everything thereafter shows proof of acoustic enhancements.

Direct attack, precise dynamic response, outstanding brilliance, exquisite balance and fully present intonation, while the typical character of the instrument maintains. Whoever wants to know at lifetimes how good his instrument can really sound, should give a hint. ..
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