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the impetus projekt


The transformation of our long standing experiences with the sound optimization of complex swinging systems - here musical instruments- could be as follows:

methodical efforts at mechanical power engines, such as cars for a start, aiming to:

• Reducing the overall energy consumption
• Increasing the performance
• Optimization of the noise emission
• Increasing the lifetime of particular parts or part groups

Other usable possibilities could be in the aircraft building (e.g. turbine technology) or boat building.

Two analogue examples show in an impressing way the optimized performance results.

• a church bell   (3D-diagram)   (2D-diagram)   a cast with a total measure of 310 kilograms

• tuba   (3D-diagram)   (2D-diagram)  as an example of complex sheet metal transformation and reassembly with an overall weight of 14 kg and sheet metal thickness of 0,75-0,85


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