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the auris project


In the population of the industrial states an increasing (10 to 21%) diminishing of the hearing up to complete loss of hearing can be noticed.

The resulting economic and social problems for the affected are immense, since a working sense of hearing is more important then ever in our times.

Solutions against the problem only restrict in artificial treatment until now, like hearing aids,
which however do not heal the ear but only function as technical aids.

The idea for “the auris project” resulted from experiences that were made during the resonance project, where good results were achieved with sound optimizations on musical instruments.

Basically the sound receiving ear was regarded as a complex resonance system, comparable with other resonance systems like e.g. musical instruments.

The process is based on a number of consonances, especially created for the affected, an individual composition of suitable sounds so to say.

If you look at the “hardware” ear, the external ear, outer auditory canal, eardrum, hammer, anvil and stirrup and only those as to be a complex swinging system, you obviously notice the similarity to musical instruments and the applicability as hear training. The system ear regains its membrane ability; one hears again optimal.

The result was a distinct and lasting correction of the hear ability on several volunteers.

Transformation of the idea:

A service for a group of 10-20 people who get supervised by an operator while receiving a hear training at the same time.


Alternatively, a product that is a headphone with an integrated mp3 player that can be purchased for appropriate hear training.

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