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emil weiss

- I cannot turn a plywood violin into a stradivari -





Emil Weiss was born on the 5th of January 1946 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

His education tops in a subject collage degree for mechanical engineering, specialized on motor vehicles building and operation controlling.

Beneath his mother tongue he learns German, Czech, Russian, Polish and a little English.

After some years abroad (Israel) he settles to Germany in 1971, where he first works from 1972-74 as the laboratories supervisor of the motor – and power machinery faculty of theUniversity in Dortmund, followed by further trainings at the University in Bochum on mechanical engineering.

Between 1979 and 1981 he retrains to become a dental technician – the following years until 1984 he runs his own dental laboratory and also works on medical fine-mechanics. Besides he learns computer basics and a number of computer applications.

Weiss, as he is not only a technician and physicist but also a multi-instrumentalist, jazz-, folk and session musician, wouldn’t want to give in on the fact, that the building of an instrument not only finalizes its good but also the bad characteristics for good , and sets up the ifa in 1985 ( ifa – institute for applied acoustics) based on his first project, the resonance project, which deals with the research, development and examination of sound absorbing and receiving oscillation systems , especially musical instruments.
With untiring ambition and material sacrifices he develops what later would be known as the applied acoustics sound optimization of musical instruments.

His experiences lead him to further projects.

In 1995 he moves with the “ifa” from Dortmund to Heusenstamm, a little village near Frankfurt at Main.

The applied acoustics sound optimization which had already given him the title of “a master in sound” in
musician circles, is now available as a service.